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As enterprise networks are converging, organizations are tasked with intelligently handling more network traffic, while at the same time, extending the same functionality and quality of service to branch locations and mobile workers. Data networking solutions from I.T.A. enable enterprise networks to improve efficiency by prioritizing real-time business intelligence; including data, voice, video, and multimedia communications while saving your money.

I.T.A offers a wide range of data networking technologies including IP Routing, WAN access, workgroup LAN, edge, and core switching products. Different business environments require different networking solutions; therefore, our networking team will work closely with you to determine the correct solution to solve your unique business needs.

Networking Solutions offered by I.T.A Include:


  •     LAN, MAN & WAN

  •     Application Switching & Optimization

  •     Ethernet & Metro Routing Switches

  •     Multi-service Switches

  •     Network Management

  •     Secure Routers

  •     WLAN

  •     Wide Area File Services

  •     Security & VPN

    • Network Management

    • Secure Network Access Switches

    • Secure Routers

    • Security

    • Switched Firewalls

    • Threat Protection Systems

    • VPN Gateways

    • VPN Routers

  •    Wireless Networks

    •  WLAN

    • WiMAX

    • Wireless Mesh

Solutions Benefits

  •     Ability to prioritize business communications

  •     Streamlined and seamless communication with mobile workers

  •     Faster and more efficient communication

  •     Access all methods of communication via one device

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